Littleover PantryCafé

One of my greatest loves in life (writing and The Dude all feature in my Top Three) is food. I’m something of a self-confessed foodie with a sweet tooth that I cannot help but indulge on a daily basis. Ever since moving to Derbyshire, I have found myself cooking a whole lot more, mainly because I want to expand my cooking repertoire and learn new skills. And also because I think cooking is totally cool. I can now make lighter than air fairy cakes and delicious buttercream frosting to die for. This is no small feat, considering I used to have zero patience. Now, I can happily spend hours in the kitchen making pastry, or whipping up cheesecake.

For some reason, I can’t stop cooking. Well, baking is more my bag, but I love reading recipes and creating delicious food from scratch. Thai food is really grabbing me at the moment, so I’m currently gleaning good, authentic recipes courtesy of Saturday Kitchen, Good Food and Food Network channels.

I’m baking all sorts of pretty, yummy, hearty treats in my warm and cosy kitchen and armed with my trusty Kenwood food processor, find baking a delicious respite to writing. (I made some roasted tomato, carrot and red pepper soup yesterday and it was the best thing I have ever tasted, seriously.) Having bought a tonne of cookery books by Madhur Jaffery, James Martin and Andrew Nutter to name but a few (no one can do a pudding like the King of dessert James Martin), I’m loving cooking more than I have ever done. And whenever I cook, I try to snap pictures of my food, the bulk of which appear as lovely retro Instagrammed pictures. And that’s how Littleover PantryCafé came about. It’s simply my cosy kitchen where I bake, cook and indulge.

Do you have any recipes you’d like to share? What’s your signature dish? I’d love to hear from you and cannot wait to try out your recipes.

Happy baking!

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