British debut novelist cites Bollywood as inspiration

First official paperback launch is a mere fortnight away. Rock on October 30th 2014! 🙂


British Asian freelance writer, Amber Tesia, has published her debut novel, “Screaming Snowflakes” for the Kindle!  The book has already gained acclaim.  In fact, it was chosen to be part of the ‘Best of Bolton’ event and was also showcased at The Octagon Theatre in Bolton last week.

At the heart of the book is a passionate boy meets girl love story that deftly touches on a few genres – drama, mystery and romance, with a subtle hint of Bollywood.  It has something for everyone!

Amber considers the book to be a Gothic romance with a supernatural twist.  It is a coming of age novel, which focuses on forbidden love and the exploration of the relationship between good and evil.  Although the book has been written for young adults, it includes mature themes such as philosophy and religion, which will attract people of all ages.

Amber Tesia commented,


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