Tick Tock (where is time a-flying to)..?

Hey guys,

How are you? It feels like it’s been an age in which a tonne has happened. How have you been? From moving house, to starting a new job, in addition to writing projects galore, it’s been a few crazy busy months.

I find myself wondering where the hours disappear. Seriously, I feel like I don’t even get the time to write. This is why I’m making a conscious effort to start blogging at least once a week going forward. That’s after I’ve played catch up on my outstanding writing (which I’ll be doing over the next few days). To my fellow writers, what writing routines work for you? And how the frick do you make time in your day?

There’s so much to tell, I can’t quite fit into one blog. Expect more pieces on scrummy food, fabulous fashion and Screaming Snowflakes. Yes, I’m currently finalising some really exciting events and putting the finishing touches to Screaming Snowflakes Book Two. All will be revealed imminently, I promise.

I also find myself feeling guilty; last year I participated in NaNoWriMo; this year, I simply don’t have the time. It’s all about priorities, right? Speaking of priorities, I must dash; it’s way past my bed-time and I’m in desperate need of coveted sleep.

Sleep tight guys! Oh and Happy Halloween!


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