Review: The Black Box — Michael Connelly

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Book List:
21. The First Deadly Sin — Lawrence Sanders
22. Exclusive — Sandra Brown
23. White Hot — Sandra Brown
24. The Black Ice — Michael Connelly
25. The Concrete Blonde — Michael Connelly
26. The Retreat — David Bergen
27. Stranglehold — Robert Rotenberg
28. The Black Box — Michael Connelly


Finished reading: June 2, 2013

Reading  The Black Box, Michael Connelly’s 19th Harry Bosch book, finally brought me up to speed with the series. I have to admit, I feel very proud of having read the entire set (albeit out of order). But The Black Box is particularly special, because it was released on the 20th anniversary of Harry Bosch (a fun fact: the series is as old as I am). And for people in Los Angeles, there was another 20-year anniversary being marked in 2012.

Twenty years after the release…

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