The new kid on the block – Bared To You.

Hey guys! How are you? Hope you’re enjoying the wonderful weather, it’s no doubt keeping you on your toes (one minute it’s hot, the next bucketing it down, you never know what to wear!). Got an exciting week ahead and it’s going to be great! Got the Bolton Food & Drink Festival coming up for the lovely bank holiday weekend, a tonne of write-ups, plus going to see the new Expendables movie (Sly totally rocks). But the main reason of this post, is because of my recent discovery of a brand spanking (no pun intended) new novel out on the erotic fiction block. (OK, OK, it’s not brand new, but it’s new to me).

I came across it because it’s being marketed alongside Fifty Shades of Grey (more on that later). Bared To You by Sylvia Day was in one word, unputdownable. The pages seemed to turn themselves and it was an absolute pleasure to read. The characters are so real, so very human, very flawed, that you can’t help but feel for them. I devoured Bared To You in one sitting and cannot wait for the sequel. I’ll be writing about the book in greater detail in the upcoming weeks (my Amazon review is awaiting publication), so do swing by for more info and exciting tid bits of information on the delectable Gideon Cross and the gorgeous kick-ass Eva Tramell.

See you soon guys,


2 thoughts on “The new kid on the block – Bared To You.

    • Thank you Gemjini! You’re dead right about the other characters, Carey is so sweet and just as human as Gideon (swoon) and Eva. I know that this erotica is light escapism, but making the characters flawed with specific memorable traits makes them so much more engaging than others in various one dimensional stories. Welcome to the ‘Bared To You’ fold! Will you be reading Reflected in You..? Can’t wait for that! X


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