Hello all!

Welcome aboard guys! As it’s my first blog, I won’t say too much. Except a hearty thank you for stopping by. It’s been a crazy few days – I published my debut novel (more on that later), had my work performed at a local theatre and am now getting this bad boy, a brand spanking new blog up and running. There is a tonne of exciting stuff coming up which I’d love to tell you about. The hours are melting away like ice-cream on hot pavement (OK, I have a sudden craving for Strawberry Cheesecake HäagenDazs) and there is so much to say and so little time! So, just a quick note to say hello and goodbye! Keep in touch dudes and dudettes!

Peace, love & virtual cupcakes,


One thought on “Hello all!

  1. Anji says:

    Hey Amber … fellow dudette calling. Saw your work performed at the theatre and was mightily impressed! Lurve your recent interview, they asked all the burning questions that I want to know…keep up the good work lovely xxx


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