Wanted: Writers from All Different Backgrounds

Pretty awesome post, inspiration on writing backgrounds. You can do it!

Screenwriting from Iowa

Before Sarah Heyward  became a producer and writer on Girls she was a Harvard graduate attending grad school at the University of Iowa, focused on becoming a novelist. After grad school she became an assistant on Girls. The show’s creator, Lena Dunham, eventually read a short story Heyward wrote while attending the Iowa Writers’ Workshop—two weeks later Heyward was hired to write on Girls.

“The type of short stories I was writing are very similar in tone to Girls. In general, I do think – in terms of Hollywood – having a background in anything interesting – it doesn’t even have to be writing-related – is a novelty if you’re also trying to be a screenwriter. Anything, at this point, as TV is changing so much, I feel like the people writing these TV shows want writers from all different backgrounds who are going to bring a new perspective to…

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